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Electronic Issue ~*~ Almost Spring! 2004

Welcome both old and new friends alike. Happy New Year! I know, it's been a long time since the last issue (okay, like two years). Many changes came about, good and bad, and already I can foresee the year 2004 to be filled with many more!

Mad Woman

I do intend to bring The Back Fence back to life, but not in hard copy print. Instead, it will be an online-only newsletter, and I hope to have it back to life sometime in February. So much has happened since the final hard copy issue of The Back Fence, which was not intended to be the final copy, but procrastination made it so.

First, we moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan almost four years ago. We got a great deal on a great apartment that we could not pass up. Although I miss many aspects of living in Brooklyn, living in Manhattan does have its benefits as well., such as a much easier commute to work.

Our Boy JD

Many more changes came about. We have a "son" — a crinkly, winkly little fellow we named Sun-Zi "JD" that we purchased from a breeder outside of Buffalo, NY. We flew up to Buffalo and spent the weekend enjoying the area, and of course, visiting Niagra Falls before picking up the boy. What a stinky wrinkly mess he was! It was instant love, however. We were much impressed with the little guy, who spent 5-1/2 hours inside a small carrier, without soiling the carrier, and without so much as one whimper, even when having to endure a crowded bar at the airport filled with football fans hollering every two minutes, the flight itself, and the long ride home. Now, three years later, he's grown to be a beautiful, wonderful companion. Although he did have to have the eye surgery for the condition entropion, so common to the Shar-Pei breed, he has had none of the other common problems.

Last year — well, actually the close of 2002 — saw a permanent close to Tony's office. He plans to continue his studies and gaining certification in networking and other aspects of the computer industry, and hopefully be a freelance consultant. He's also gotten very active in the world of webpage design — and loves it!

And of course, one of the biggest changes was that fateful day of September 11, 2001. I had been offered a job at a firm located at the twin towers, but I had been hesitant about accepting the job. Though it paid well, it was the long, hectic commute that didn't appeal to me. Fate managed to step in, providing me another job offer; one with a firm very close to home, and giving me several options in my commute. I swore I'd never work for lawyers and that I'd never again work for a family-owned business, but here I am. It's not the most satisfying or exciting job out there, but I can take the train or the bus, drive or even, take a cab rather cheaply.

My website has changed, and will be changing a bit more, as Tony's portion of the site begins to develop, as well as resurrecting and revitalizing some old-time favorites, The Rattt Trap and The Back Fence.