Some time ago, I was attacked by an individual who is banned on every Gorean site that I know of which caused the closure of access to my pages. I had considered setting up these pages as members-only access but as the years have passed (yes, it's been a few years now these pages have been shut down), I have decided that for now I will re-open the pages and provide them with public access.

Many of us have learned the hard way that when it comes to creating and posting your creations on the web, trust is inevitably ground to nothingness. I applaud those individuals in the past that have come to me without the need for copyright notice and have requested my permission, as well as insured credit given for the work done.

Notice of Copyright and Terms of Use

I have to wonder if there are those individuals that think all webmasters are idiots, spending all their time working, and not taking a break here and there to peruse the web — especially in groups of similar interests where the chances of bumping into another are rather high?

I am one of those that regularly snoops about, checking out sites here and there, doing a considerable amount of reading. When I see words like, "Hey! Look at this! — First time ever done on the web — and I did it!" my, ummmmmmm… Rattt-y sense begins to pulse and of course, I have to look. Ever have those types of omens? Better yet, ever have one of those omens, and when you look, discover not only it has been done before — but that YOU did it? Ah, yes, imagine seeing your thousands and thousands of hours spent in research, in writing, in developing, only to find another individual is patting his or her back at "their" accomplishment? "Ain't I just cool for doing this for everyone?"

Yeah man, real cool.

After this latest discovery of plagarism of my work, I had contemplated my options: making these webpages private requiring a password to view them up to and including altogether removing them. However, I write to be read and I do research and post what I have learned to be a learning resource for others. If I remove my pages, not only is my work for nothing, but moreso, those who rely on them lose out. When I find instances of such plagarism, I consider first the quality of the work done; is it sloppy, neat, factual, or too obvious a haphazard cut and paste. For the time being, I will be keeping these pages open. But… I want credit for my countless hours of research and hard work. It's a very small thing to ask for, especially since I did not begin this project with expectations of being paid and all expenses in doing this project comes out of my own pocket. I want to support readers and enthusiasts, not lazy plagarists.

I place a copyright notice on my web writings, on my style of writing, because I have worked damned hard to read and gather informational materials to pass on to others who may not have the resources available to them that I do.

Note: It's even crazier when one's Terms and Agreement are even taken!


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