The World of Fantasy and Science Fiction

"...the principles of science fiction [are] based on the fundamental principles of science:  that the universe is understandable, and human reason can fathom the most intricate mysteries of existence, given time.  Science fiction is a fundamentally optimistic literature.  We tend to see the human race not as failed angels, but as evolving apes, struggling toward godhood."
— Ben Bova "Introduction: The Art of Plain Speech" in Twice Seven.
   New York: Avon Books (1998), pg. 5.

Books have always been important in my life. With books, I can escape the real world for a brief bit of time.  I have always been a big fan of quality science fiction and fantasy novels; stories that can pull me inside, make me feel that it is me on top of that dragon soaring overhead or zooming across the endless ocean of space, galaxy after galaxy, to explore new worlds.

This site is dedicated to those authors who have captured my heart with a lust for more.

The world of science fiction and fantasy brings to us a wealth of wonderful authors, masters of storytelling.  Although I'm an avid reader of the new age genre of science fiction/fantasy greats such as Stephen King, Clive Barker and Peter Straub, my love for a good science fiction read started long ago, as a child, when I'd peer up at the stars and dream of worlds beyond, and live some of those dreams through books.

There are so many great authors, I cannot touch upon them all. Three of these authors, however, I will be bringing to you in depth information on the specific works of only one author:

  • John Norman — Although he is not considered one of the masters and his writing style is not considered the best, his stories of the world of Gor have captured the hearts and souls of many and has become a major phenomenon in the online chat world.

There are just so many greats out there that I could write about in greath lengths — and maybe as time allows, I'll add to my pages. For now, I will , however, touch briefly upon some of them. To read about these other great science fiction writers, please click on the link to the Other Science Fiction/Fantasy Greats page at the top.

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