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April 17, 2007

Whew! Did you catch Apollo dancing last night on Dancing With the Stars? He's such a natural dancer and his partner really has taught him so much! No wonder they got all 10s! Clyde may be trying but he's just not going to make it much longer.



April 18, 2007

I don't know about anyone else, But last night on American Idol was a total flop except for Melinda and Jordin. Phil did better than I thought he could do, and definitely country music is more his style; and Lakisha bombed. I don't think Lakisha sang enough of the body of the song to make an impact. Her voice is good but the song seemed vacant. Melinda would be my thought to be the final winner, except that she is an "old soul" and likely not to be appealing to the general teenybopper audience. On the other hand, Blake has charisma and a style I really like; he's very entertaining. Jordin is my choice at this point to be the winner; she's young, fresh, funny, normal looking rather than pathetically thin, and has a great voice.

Chris has to go BUT I want Sanjaya out first! I don't find him "amusing" any longer. He's just too much and his attitude with the judges' criticism stinks; he always seems to have a smug air that says, "my fans will keep me in." Did you notice how the other contestants react to him? I don't think they appreciate his presence either. Though Ryan seems to enjoy using Sanjaya to get in his digs; seems Ryan has grown too big for his britches — it's time he goes too!

Did you see Simon fooling around with Paula while Phil was singing?

Well, bye, bye Clyde on Dancing with the Stars. He was such a gentleman about it, especially with the judges. I like what Clyde, with class, told them before exiting. I'm not surprised to see Billy Ray still in the running; he's got a big fan base, not to mention I'm sure Miley's got her fans voting too. Yee Haw! Did you see the happy look on Edyta's face when she realized she and John were getting to stay? I'm glad; she's so pretty and a great dancer! Hard to beat a performance like Apolo and Julianne gave!

Shame on Cari Ann and with her superior airs and snooty attitude. The judges seem to be thinking this is a pro event. I mean, honestly, the contestants can only do so much! They're not trained dancers, and can't have any dance training to be a contestant!

Is it just me or — did Lisa Rinna get a lip reduction? UGH!



April 19, 2007

YES! America finally got tired of the boy wonder, Sanjaya, on American Idol. SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YA!!

As for Jordin, there's some buzz going on that she celebrated Sanjaya's elimination. It could be; she's rather cold fish toward him. And Melinda showed class by not choosing one group over the other.

Lakisha had some tears but besides her, Sanjaya was the only one crying …



April 25, 2007

I so enjoyed the group swing on Dancing with the Stars. It was very entertaining and they all looked great in those costumes! Boy, that Laila is strong! LOL!

I thought it was time for Heather to go. Her performance in the beginning was much better than the last couple of weeks. I have to laugh because Billy Ray is still around. Just goes to show you it's really not just about the dancing. He's a great performer and can capture the crowd.



April 26, 2007

Idol Gives Back. Big event for charity as the remaining contestants on American Idol sang their hearts out, to save their behinds and push them to being the next American Idol, and also, to save the starving and the needy. Mostly for Africa though. At least PART of the funds collected will go to some of the needy in the U.S. It's too bad we're worried about feeding third world countries that preach a man cannot be a man unless he has 4,000 kids, and then wonder why their country is starving, when in our own country, we have our own poor, and our elderly who have paid their due in this country, worked and paid taxes, but are ignored for the most part, and Medicare is laughable.

On to the performance! There's no doubt in my mind Chris was the weakest performer that night. Lakisha needs to pick up her game, according to the judges, and I am in agreement on that one. She started out so strong and powerful, but each week, she grows weaker.

Nobody, however, got the boot. They felt it would be wrong to boot someone who sang for charity. But, two will be gone next week, both weeks tallied together. I'm betting that it will be Chris and Phil.

What drama the show pulled though, when they led Jordin to believe she was being eliminated! Geez! Poor girl!


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