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January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

So did everyone stay up to watch the ball drop? It was a new ball this year, after all.

I didn't.

Personally, I don't know what the big deal is. Nothing spectacular happens. No buildings suddenly implode; no long-dead volcanoes blow; the Beatles are still separate entities; Elvis has not returned to the building.

What today means to me, is that … it's the last day off for a long time.



January 7, 2008

I woke up this morning feeling as if I slept in the shape of a pretzel. It wasn't so much the achiness of limbs that got to me, it's my back and mostly my neck. Ah, the joys of living with whiplash; it sneaks up on you when least expected!

I got my new pillows and mattress pad; that memory foam stuff. The pad is… very nice. I can actually enjoy being in bed again. The pillows are rather odd, but I've gotten used to mine.

So, with all this stuff, why was I in such a pretzel? Well, when I woke up, my body was sort of twisted like one. Yep, must be it.

It's Monday. What else needs to be said?



January 11, 2008

I am so ready to scream!

My neck has not gotten better, and I've figured out that it's the air conditioner that breathes down my neck at work. I turn it back to heat, my boss turns it back to A/C.

There were two days during this week especially bad. One was Tuesday, where the pain from my neck was so intense, that's all I could focus on driving home. Not a good thing to not be focusing on the driving! The next night, Wednesday, I'd been taking Alleve so much, I literally would zone out, and such did happen driving home that night. I remember getting into my car at work, making a quick phone call — and the next thing I knew was parking at home.

But I endured the week of danger and pain because my boss "understands but needs me at the office." Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot of work accomplished, because most of the time I was considering lining up a parachute jump, and forgetting to pull the cord and screaming my lungs out because in the end, I knew I'd feel better.




January 13, 2008

What miracle a little rest and no air conditioner breathing down my neck can do! I feel a lot better, but there still is a bit of nagging in my neck.

Yesterday is a day I want to forget ever happened. I nearly leaped into the river to seek a boat and paddle it to some deserted island.

Blah. Tomorrow is Monday already.



January 26, 2008

It's been a slow month.

I was one of the unfortunate that had to work on Martin Luther King's birthday, and it was a day spent uselessly. Everything I needed to make calls to was closed, so I did work that I could have more comfortably done in my pajamas at home.

The rest of that week was a blur; I got little sleep and was excessively exhausted. The good part of that week was my visit to the endocrinologist. Finally, a doctor who gives a shit. She ordered a full array of thyroid tests that I had been begging my internist to do for 2-3 years now.

I'm firing him. We have a client who just opened his own office; my boss said he was great and my endocrinologist highly recommended him. I trust her opinion more. She also confirmed the GYN doc I plan to see is high on her list too. Cool.

So, this last week, I got up early and drug myself to the lab to give them blood for those tests to be run. I get there, bleary eyed, hungry because I had to fast for twelve hours and … the office is no longer in existence. Well crap. It was perfect too, just a half-mile from my office. I shrugged, hopped in the car, unsure exactly where the other office was, so I grabbed some coffee and headed to work. There I searched for the other office, and found it was a half-mile away in the opposite direction. This time I called to make sure THEY hadn't closed up. The next morning, I got up early again, and drug myself to the lab.

Four tubes…

Needless to say, that left me extremely tired for the remainder of the day despite the fact I bought a big thing of orange juice and a crumb cake to eat to pump the sugar back in my body.

Then my boss says, "Can you come in at 7:30 tomorrow" for our underwriting meeting that was originally scheduled at 8:00, but he sort of made another appointment on top of it. I told him I'd try. Who knew I'd wake up and not be able to sleep, so again I drug myself bleary-eyed early to the office… and the boss didn't show until almost 8:00. -Insert growls here- Our meeting? Done later that day via telephone.

I barely made it through yesterday. I don't see my endocrinologist until the 13th of February. It seems an eternity away.

It's the weekend and I slept in and life is grand…



January 30, 2008

I think this will likely be the last year for American Idol. Not only has the talent dwindled, even those who have come to the auditions hoping to be cast in the spotlight as one of the crazies/failures/et al are much more tame that in previous years. Oh, there were a couple who were pretty freaky, but mostly they've been a boring lot. Even Simon's attitude and general niceties have led me to believe he feels the same way. To see Paula dozing is a better indication, too, I suppose.

I have mixed feelings on Dance Wars with Bruno Tornioli and Carrie Ann Inaba. I liked the premise, though why it's called dance wars when it's a combination of dance and singing that makes the combination for competition sometimes confuddles me. It's an interesting show, and much less dramatic than any of the others. At least so far.

I'm just waiting for the end of this writer's strike so I can once more enjoy the continuity of my favorite shows, such as Men in Trees (Jack's floating in a liferaft in the raging ocean for heaven's sake!), Heroes, Ugly Betty (I think Betty should dump her boyfriend-who-fathered-a-baby-with-another-woman-and-returned-to-NYC-to-boink-Betty-and-make-good-money-before-returning-to-his-ex-fiancee-and-mother-of-his child, and go after Gio) and Boston Legal.

I had to do some major overhauling of my webpages, which took actually little time to do. I was getting far too much spam with the contact me form that I was using. I liked the form; uncomplicated. The new form, however, is much more secure, and too time consuming for spammers to deal with. -smirks-

Poor Rudy Giuliani; he bids adieu to his presidential campaign. I miss the days of Pat Paulsen writing in his name…

I heard that the Patriots have already written a book tentatively called Nineteen and O in cocky anticipation that they will win the Super Bowl. It would so mess up their day if the Giants somehow pull it off; and such is not impossible. Hmmmm…


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