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March 17, 2007

CloverHappy Saint Paddy's Day!

The one day that I do not have to be at work on St. Patrick's Day — it friggin' snows and sleets! Two days ago, it was a balmy 70 degrees!

I've been keeping busy working on my website, getting the new style pages up and active. It serves a two-fold purpose, one of which is keeping my skills honed.

That's something that I lack at my job; keeping my all of my skills honed. It's the one negative that bothers me. But, I make sure that I don't lag my skills, by keeping them sharpened at home involving myself in projects. When I win that big lottery…

This weather is so insanely crazy. We had such a short and (mostly) warm winter, I fear our summer is going to be quite hot. I was reading the other day on global warming, and how the temperatures each year increase by a few degrees.

As the temperatures rise, so do the cost of living. Imagine when Los Angeles has 150 degree days in the summer, and only a fraction of the people can afford air conditioning…

I was so shocked when Sabrina Sloan didn't make the Top 12 on American Idol. I think my jaw dropped lower than Paula's when they announced it. She should have remained and Antonella booted at that point. America can be so stupid.

And Sanjaya! He should have been LONG gone from American Idol eons ago. Brandon and Sundance deserved to stay a bit longer at least; definitely over Sanjaya. What's ridiculous is that everytime Sanjaya is told he is safe, he has this horribly long depressed face on. And what's with his sloppy, wrinkled wardrobe? The kid's a slob. Did you catch him drawing up his hands inside his shirt sleeves (like a kid cornered)?



March 20, 2007

YAY! Dancing with the Stars is back! The line-up:

It's quite an interesting mixture of personalities. Heather Mills, I don't much care about, mostly based on the garbage aired on the news and such about her and Paulie-boy. But, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She actually performed her dance quite well considering her amputation. That is something of interest, however, for her explanation of how she lost her leg differs greatly from the explanation on her website! Considering that she had been raising money for landmines, perhaps her injury was discovered to be a hoax in order to be the "poster girl" for the cause to draw sympathy and last night she finally aired the truth of it.

I love John Ratzenberger; he was one of my favorites on Cheers. Surprisingly, he did really well with only two weeks training. John replaced Vincent Pastore who was on the Soprano's who had withdrawn due to the demands of the training, as he has heart problems.

Apolo only had two weeks training as well, having been in Europe in a race. Julianne is cute and a perfect dance mate for Apolo. As Mary Murphy would say, they stepped onto the Hot Tamale train! I think those two will really light some fire.

Maksim and Laila are another hot couple as well. I see promise with Laila. For a big woman, she is extremely graceful. Maksim is the sort of dancer, too, that helps his partner achieve elegance. He did it well with Willa Ford (and no, they're no longer a couple; that relationship ended abruptly).

And who can't like Joey Fatone?

I find it rather fitting that the sore loser of last year, Karina, was paired with a partner who obviously will not make it to the finals! Her bad attitude in losing to Cheryl and Emmitt Smith last year deserves her nothing better. She and Mario live together in his Los Angeles home last I had read.

And, OH MY! Billy Ray! He just cracks me up. Like, when he Karina's hair and pulled off her hair piece — Geez! Though his dancing leaves much to be desired, I know his fan base will keep him alive for a good while.

Paulina, Leeza, Shandi and Clyde, I do not see a long future up on stage.

Now, the only complaint I have with this show back on — it conflicts with Heroes! But, I tape that show, and watch it later. So is the cheerleader's father REALLY a bad guy?



March 27, 2007

The celebrities on Dancing with the Stars definitely improved from last week! I think it will be Leeza or Paulina will be voted off first. Neither one impresses me. Karina did a great job with BillyRay this week, utilizing a western theme, which obviously made him feel more comfortable.

I still thing the game is on between Apolo and Julianne, and Laila and Maksim!

Heroes just keeps getting better and better. I swear, if this show isn't renewed next season, I'm giving up on television. I get hooked on a show and it just gets snapped away!



March 28, 2007

Well I not surprised when Paulina got voted off! And, I'm really getting tired of Sanjaya on American Idol. Wake up, America, you're not doing this kid a favor by voting for him.


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