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March 1, 2008

Okay, so are you like me and can't believe it's already March?!

The professional dancers have been matched with their celebrity partner for Dancing with the Stars. There are some interesting matches!

I'm working up energy to post more photos of my granddaughter. My oldest daughter went visiting, so now I have about 400 brand new photos. The hard part is whittling down to a select amount to add to the online photo album!

Happy weekend.



March 6, 2008

Well, this week's American Idol had some surprises, and not-so-surprises. I'm in agreement with Simon, that as a whole, the fellows are much stronger than the girls this year.

Gut instinct has it down to David Archuleta and Carly Smithson as the two battling it out to the very end.

Of course, anything can happen. Including my predictions for the evictions this week.

After all the performances this weeks, I'm predicting now that it will be Kady, Kristy, Luke and either Danny or Chikezie.

Simon was dead-on when he told Kady that she had zero personality. For me, she is the most boring to watch, and the least memorable. She sang better last night than she has been singing, but she's like watching a stone statue.

Kristy started off well enough with Journey's "Faithfully" (which is like my absolute favorite Journey song), but toward the end, her voice cracked and soured enough that it's likely she'll be sent packing, too, only because there are far more stronger singers than herself.

Luke's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" is not going to be his savior, even though he's mighty fine eye candy. His voice isn't especially enjoyable to listen to. Chikezie is far too old-fashioned. While I like his style, I don't find him as strong in singing as the others, and his corniness might find a small audience, as a whole it will not.

And now, Danny… okay, so did any one have to fight gag reflexes while he sang "Tainted Love" and tried to be — sexy?

While Simon told Carly that her song choice wasn't the best for her, it was the song that I woke up humming and have stuck in my head, so that should tell you something Simon-baby.

It's almost Friday.



March 7, 2008

So, I was right on three of my predictions of the final four being ousted from American Idol last night.

Kady was a no-brainer really; it was pretty obvious that she didn't expect to go further either.

Luke was also a no-brainer. But, wow, I was right it being down to being between Danny and Chikezie! I'm glad it was Danny that was sent home. There was just something … annoying … about him

Asia'h was the shocker however. Though, Simon felt that she would be the one to go of the two, since her song choices have not been particularly good for the past couple of weeks. I really like her, though I think Kristy is pretty good as well, though she won't make it much longer.

Now, the countdown on the top twelve contestants, many of which are so exceptionally good the battle will be an interesting one and they will definitely need to excel.

There's a lot of talk about that fellow, David, being a stripper at a gay club and allowed to remain on the show, while that woman had been kicked off a couple of years ago. From what I understand, the reason being her situation was different is that her venue was a website which promised nude underaged girls.

Don't forget to set your clocks up this weekend!



March 13, 2008

UGH. This change to Daylight Savings Time is a killer. It's this particular change that has me wishing I lived in a state like Arizona that doesn't do the time change.

Actually, I wouldn't mind living in Arizona.

I was surprised to see David Hernandez leaving American Idol last night. While I thought his performance lacked compared to his other performances, I thought for sure that Kristy would be the one heading home. She does have a nice country twang, but she mutilated the Beatles song. For even Paula to admit that she didn't enjoy it shows just how terrible it really was.

At this point, I'm thinking the top two will come down to Carly Smithson and David Cook.

Darling David Archuleta showed that even he can suck at times; Brooke is doing exceptionally well, far more than I expected her to, and she's appealing to the eyes as well. She's also just so nice. Amanda needs to go; her voice is starting to annoy me. Jason has such pretty eyes and though I like him and his style, I don't think it'll get him through to the end.

It's a difficult year, however, since the talent is much improved over the years and the competition much more fierce in this way. As Simon eluded to, it's often been a popularity contest more than a talent contest (anyone remember the annoying fellow from last year?), which does injustice to those with talent, however, as Chris Daughtry has proven, sometimes being the American Idol isn't in a performer's best interest.

Kathleen McPhee looked quite skinny last night.

Oh my, have you seen the ads for Dancing With the Stars? Priscilla Presley looks like a plastic surgery nightmare! She could easily play a part in, say, "Resident Evil" or even one of the "Toxic Avenger" movies…

So, our illustrious governor has really gone and done it. I don't feel bad for him, however, nor do I feel bad for his wife. It's his daughters that I feel bad for; they will have a hard time of it for sure. So, now New York will have its first-ever black governor. I bet Hillary is not happy.

Geraldine Ferraro made a rather pointed statement about black people; Hillary was quick to say that Geraldine doesn't speak for her. *snorts* So not true, but Hillary couldn't very well say "AMEN!" now could she? So, Geraldine stepped down from her job with the campaign group. I don't like Geraldine, I don't like Hillary; they deserve each other personally. I've met both of them, and they're one and the same truthfully.

The more things I hear coming out of Obama's mouth, the less I've grown to like him. I once found him promising.

Edwards has some good qualities; he is dignified, well-spoken. The cons? Old. Republican.

Snoopy is looking better and better as President.

Even Pat Paulsen.




March 20, 2008

Last night Amanda Overmyer was sent home from American Idol. I was delighted. I was shocked, though, when Carly was in the bottom three, but then again that's happened before, where people perhaps think because one is quite good, you don't have to worry about voting for them because everyone else is, right?

Except everyone shares that thought as well.

Dancing With the Stars kicked off this week. I was rather impressed with the ex Mrs. Presley! She was very elegant and a hoot to watch. But puh-lease! Penn and Monica need to go!

A lot of controversy going on about who is sleeping with who (did you see Helio there in the audience not too happy about the comment Tom Bergeron made to him?).

Hell. That's our governor situation here in New York. First Elliott Spitzer. Now the Lt. Governor-cum-Governor. Except he is baring all on his own.


I nearly got killed today on the drive home.

It was pouring down rain, so hard that visibilty was at a minimum. At a rather already-hairy spot on the highway where a heavy merge takes place and a popular off-ramp is right there coming up, the fellow next to me decided he wanted off that off-ramp — and forced me out of my lane (the right lane) and onto the side of the road because he was a stupid and didn't change lanes in time. I guess he thought I was getting off there as well, because I sat there, fuming, waiting to get back on the highway, and he had stopped on the off-ramp, more likely I suppose to figure out if he had hurt or injured me and if I was coming to get his ass. By time it was over and I realized I was alive, and my car had not been touched, due to the fact that I was quite observant and had a gut instinct about the guy next to me — then I wanted to kill! But. I decided not to chase after him, just wanting to get home.

It was times like this I wish I drove a tank. I'd have squashed him then.

Of course, driving home, I did harbor such fantasies as a car equipped with rocket launchers or having some magical ability to blow up his car, or at least blow all four tires out!


It's almost Friday.



March 25, 2008

After Monday night's performance, I was absolutely certain that Monica and Penn were the first that absolutely had to go from Dancing With the Stars. So when they were voted off, I was pleased indeed.

Next on the list for the men: Adam Carolla and Cristián. I thought I would like the Latino fella, but his eyes are always bugging. That just bugs me.

Mario is pretty cool; Jason Taylor — HUBBA! HUBBA! He's ssssssssssssmokin'!

The women are likely the winners this year, though. With Kristie doing so incredibly well, she's my vote thus far as ultimate winner. Priscilla is gorgeous and proves that us old ladies still got it. Marisa is a hoot to watch and Marlee is amazing.

American Idol has heated up, and like Simon, I found David Archuleta's song choice and performance just — blah. It could well hurt him. I think Carly, too, did a huge disservice to herself again, and it won't surprise me to see her on the bottom once more. But, Kristy was the surprise; an awesome song, and she did it very well, she'll earn points just on song choice.

Brook was good, though, it was almost a mirrored performance of an earlier one. Still, she is rather awkward without an instrument in her hands. Ramiele took a huge chance with that song; I thought she was a bit too pitchy though. She's cute, however.

But it was David Cook that was just absolutely A-mazing. Quality. Ingenuity. Awesome. He is my vote for this year.

Our Lt. Governor-cum-Governor boldly exposed his extramarital affairs on his own right after he was sworn in; both he and his wife cheating on each other, but they never, never, never used government funds, and they are both just SO in love and don't do that anymore.


So, it seems he forgot the rendezvous he had quite recently — which did entail the use of funds other than his own.


I think the only way we'll have politicians running our government is to castrate them during their swearing in.

Well, that would work for the men anyway.




March 27, 2008

Easy Chikezie bit the dust last night on American Idol and it wasn't a terribly big surprise to me.

I was happy to see Carly hadn't hit the bottom three this week as well. While I like Jason and his style, he doesn't much change, and it's starting to get ho-hum. He needs to diversify!

While the judges were surprised to see Syesha in the bottom two, I wasn't. The Diana Ross look/style is so already done. I do like her, though, but she's not my favorite.

Kimberly Locke looked and sounded wonderful. She was actually my choice for that year.

I'm so disappointed; I fell asleep last night on Men in Trees! That is like my all-time favorite show, tied with Boston Legal.

The dirt gets deeper; seems our fair ex-Governor has been a client of more than one prostitution ring. -gasp- Even a well-known very-married Yankee star.

Personally, I think it's time for some more Brittany news; it was far more interesting…

Anway, so I'm Sure Happy Its Thursday.

I'm trying to decide when and where I want to go on vacation this year. Well, of course I want to see my granddaughter. My oldest daughter just bought a house and moving in in May. I want to visit California again, too. Puerto Rico. Ireland. Spain.

Heh. I suppose I should get buy and start buying lottery tickets.

All plans for travel are on hold, however, until we know if we are going to get our lease renewed or not…

I hear the moon has some great real estate offerings, but the commute would be a real bitch.




March 28, 2008

Today has been one of a nature theme.

This morning I had an interesting conversation with a goose. The gander was a most conversational creature, while his mate stood nearby eating, and had much to say in return of my own comments to him. Apparently, however, I must have said something in goosetalk that wasn't very nice. He puffed his chest and flapped his wings and the smart person that I was, ducked quickly in my car.

A passing fellow heading into the deli had observed and was laughing — that is, until the gander took after him.

I must have called his mate "fat" or something…

After spending a day considering the joys of winning big on the lottery and abandoning having to work for someone else, the day drew (thankfully) to an end, and driving home, I generally see various creatures of the wild. Geese, a lot of geese this year, deer, raccoons…

Today, though I had a rare treat. There, on a patch of grass, stood a tom turkey in all his glory, tail plumage displayed, chest puffed out, casually sitting while he watched over his hens as they ate. It was a beautiful, live, postcard scenic.

It is such things, why I love Spring.

Happy Friday!



March 31, 2008

Tomorrow is April. Already.

Time passes much too quickly these days; yet why does it seem that a day at work lasts forever?

I'm 45 days into my diet, and 21 pounds lighter than when I started. I've set smaller goals this time, so that when I reach each goal, it gives me something to say "Yay! I did it."

It feels good. I feel good.

Happy last day of March.


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