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October 5, 2007

Yes — it's finally Friday!

Okay, so… here I was thinking I was the only one in the world sick of hearing about "poor Brittany." This morning, listening to Mark and Todd on WPLJ, I sang along with their "We're Sick of Brittany" song discovering that, I was not alone after all. Dr. Phil wants to treat her; amazing, that. Who's treating Dr. Phil?

Had Brittany just been regular ol' white trash instead of rich white trash…

I can't wait for Dancing With the Stars next week. Helio just blew me away; the guy is an amazing dancer; he and Sabrina the Cheetah Girl I think are the two to watch out for. Mel the Spice Girl is pretty awesome, too. Marie's downhome cuteness is getting her high votes as well. Wayne Newton? He should have been the one to go this week, not the cute pin-up boy—er, I mean, the handsome male model.

A busy week at work this week, I'm looking forward to next week with the boss gone all but one day, and the week ending with Tony and I heading off to Poughkeepsie for to celebrate our birthdays. I'm SO excited!

Yes. Poughkeepsie. It's actually quite beautiful up there, and hopefully we'll see some of the change of leaves and other nature stuff occurring while up in there as well. Taking our dog, JD, it's an easy drive there, a nice place we found that allows dogs in the rooms (sans cage as well!) with a huge grassy area. We're going to a concert up there actually; at a small venue that outclasses the hot venues of Manhattan. Not to mention… CHEAP! We went last year as well, same show — to see Y&T. For those who have a huge question-mark popping up over your heads, Y&T is a rock band, most popular during the 1980s. Last year… they were phenomenal! And we were like… right there, sitting down, perfect eye to eye contact, maybe 20 feet from the stage (the adventurous were hanging out in the mosh pit). Most of those attending were like us — old folks. It was great.

We are two weeks into autumn now, and today is set to be one of those gloriously hot and humid summer days…

I hate this global warming crap. I live in New York! The Northeast! Where there is supposed to be changing seasons! Spring growth! Fall beauty! Blizzards!

I lived through a far worse blizzard when I lived in the Mojave in California than any I've seen since living here in New York!

I suppose it could be worse.

On that note… pax.



October 11, 2007

It's about time that Wayne Newton got his walking papers on Dancing With the Stars. It's about time America stopped with the sympathy votes and let those better dancers remain. Next to go has to be Marc Cuban.

While the judges kissed the lily-white behind of Jane Seymour, I had to roll my eyes at all the blarney. I didn't find her technique that grand; neither did I think her emotions were all that proper for a tango. I think Marie far outdid Jane. But… everyone was so sad for the loss of her mummy.

Jennie Garth was a pleasant surprise. And poor Helio! But, being a racecar driver, he's used to those laps that tend to lag, before gunning the gas and zooming ahead once again. I pffffft'd at his bloodied knee. I've seen him in worse scuffs. Namely, in Allentown, PA, during a CART race when Helio's car rammed into a wall and tires went flying, his car went rolling…

I watched the after-show reunion of Top Chef last night. I'm still grumpy. I wanted Dale to win; Hung was just too much of a pompous ass. But, I was pleased to see Casey win the Fan Favorite prize last night.

Poughkeepsie on Saturday! I'm SO looking forward to getting away for the weekend…



October 17, 2007

The dances are heating up on Dancing With the Stars and the judges getting pickier in their comments. With some of the celebrities. It's easy to tell who their favorites are. At any rate, I was right predicting Marc Cuban's departure. He bored me.

Our trip to Poughkeepsie was nice, other than hitting the traffic caused by the MS Bike Ride coming home on Sunday. We were both under the weather that weekend, and even JD was excessively whiney as well. I think next time, it's an overnight doggie camp stay for him!

Once we got checked into the motel, I ran out to grab a throw-away camera (mistake! I should have just brought mine) and some cheapie plastic bowls to use for JD's food and water. Then we both rested (or tried to), catching what naps we could. That is until hunger set it. But Tony was not feeling well enough to consider sitting in the restaurant and smelling all that food. Instead, I walked over, grabbed our meals to go, and we ate in the room. Then copped another nap before time to get ready to head out. The venue was about 5-10 minutes away from the motel, and we figured Y&T would not hit the stage any earlier than 11:00. We got there 5 minutes before they went on. Cool.

Note! You know you're getting old when you have to nap all day before going to a concert.

But the concert was fantastic! Dave Meniketti is strong as ever, and it just seemed that he played and sang with far more intensity than the last time we were there to see them.

It's almost the end of October already. Where did the year go?



October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

What a … SHOCKER! No, no, not monsters and things that go bump in the night. The real shocker was the elimnation of Cheetah Girl Sabrina on Dancing With the Stars. Is American f%@#-ing nuts?! I so loved watching her and her partner Mark. There are rumors that they are a real-life couple. Ya THINK?

We plan a very quiet night tonight. We never had little monsters come to our door for candy. Hallowe'en 5, The Revenge of Michael Myers is on right now. I'm off to watch it followed by Hallowe'en 6, the Curse of Michael Meyers. Sucks I had to be at work and missed the first 4. Well, number 3 was a horrible movie; I would have opted to skip that one.

Trick or Treat!


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