When and Where

August 22, 2005
4:00 p.m.
Waimanalo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Waimanalo Beach
Waimanalo Beach


What can be said about Hawaii except that it is paradise — a paradise beyond description of words.

Imagine stepping outside of a small cottage in the morning, the sun just that perfect warmth, a gentle breeze blowing, the crashing of the ocean waves not too far distant, the plumeria trees with their fragrant flowers and hibiscus surrounding you, the gentle sweet music of island birds call to you as you walk … oh … maybe fifty footsteps and reach the oh-so-soft pristine white sands of the beach, the water so clear it invites you closer … and you do come closer … and walk into the embrace of those waters, finding them to be warm yet cool, refreshing and exhilerating …… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … bliss … paradise … heaven … And the gods blessed us with every day like this while we visited heaven …

When we first arrived in Hawaii, we took a room right there by the airport in Honolulu because of the lateness of our arrival. We enjoyed welcome drinks in the lounge and listened to a local band — who were excellent! The next morning, after check-out, we collected our rental car and had to spend a couple of hours doing much of nothing before our appointment with the licensing agent at her home in Pearl City. So, we took a drive through Honolulu, venturing towards Waikiki, parking at a state park to have our first vision of the beaches of Hawaii.

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In these first three photographs, you can see how bright the sun was! Unfortunately it washed out a couple of photographs completely, but I was able to somewhat salvage these. How silly when we thought THIS was the most beautiful sight to see!

Honolulu Beach Honolulu Beach Diamond Head

This is the bed-and-breakfast we stayed at. It was actually a private cottage and was simply — amazing. We soon called it home because that is exactly how it felt! Ben the bear was determined to go to Hawaii with us, sneaking in one of my carry-ons. He looks cool there chilling in the cottage.

Tony Outside the Cottage The Cottage Ben the Bear Chillin'

We had the companionship of our hosts' two dogs; Manana (posing there with Char) and Keala. Char wears a plumeria blossom in her hair.

Char and Manana Char Wearing Plumeria Keala

What we saw in Honolulu was nothing in comparison to the windward side of Oahu. Here is Waimanalo one morning I had gotten up just at sunrise to walk along the beach. In the photo on the left, you can just see the edge of Manana (Rabbit) Island. In the photo on the right, you can see the small island completely. The small speck between Manana Island and the bluffs of Waimanalo is the tip of Molokai Point.

Waimanalo at Sunrise Waimanalo After Sunrise Waimanalo After Sunrise - Rabbit Island

As I continued my walk along the beach, the sun slowly rising, these are photographs showing the splendor and beauty of this quiet stretch of pristine white sands. Molokai Point is a bit more easily seen in the photo on the right.

Waimanalo in the Morning Waimanalo in the Morning Waimanalo Beach

A crowded day on the beach as the afternoon rolls in.

Waimanalo Beach Waimanalo Beach Waimanalo Beach

The "crowds" thin out leaving the beach peaceful.

Waimanalo Beach Waimanalo Beach

Tony enjoying the shade trees that lined the beach. That's our host, Auntie Betty's house, peeking between the trees.

Waimanalo Beach Waimanalo Beach Aunty Bettys Waimanalo Beach

Our last morning in paradise, posing for Auntie Betty before we had to depart. ~le sigh~ It was such a depressing moment. Even Ben the bear is sad.