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In the late 1980's, the desire to venture into my own business intensified. It had to be something that I could do from home easily enough along with the flexibility of time so as not to interfere with my full-time job. With my background in art and graphic design, combined with skills learned in my years of employment, I embarked on establishing a desktop publishing company. I visited print shops in the local area that I lived in Southern California, and asked a lot of questions. Soon, Moon Productions was born and has become my hobby turned professional.

The early years were spent recovering from mistakes made at first, but soon I had plenty of business designing business cards and flyers for local businesses, friends and associates. As time passed, the need for customizing graphics grew more intricate, I spent a great deal of time self-teaching myself a variety of computer programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Quark.

The internet had also grown in popularity right about then and soon even "ordinary folk" wanted their own webpage, a piece of the world that they could call theirs. Of course, I was one of those "ordinary folk." I began to learn HTML, not by using web design software or easy page builders that come with sites like Geocities and Tripod, but rather by studying the source codes, comparing codes used by others, and then writing my own style of codes. Though I knew even the more advanced codes from memory, I began to use editing programs as webpage development grew more sophisticated. There is no "wrong way" to write your code, as some may imply, other than making simple mistakes which is more easily done when hand-coding. I still hand-code for the most part, but there's nothing wrong with taking an easy day and letting a program get you through the process quicker.

My first pages thankfully have long ago vanished. As my knowledge grew, I was approached by others asking for help in creating pages for them.

Today, MoonProductions, now based in New York City, has progressed further and is still strong and very active in both desktop publishing, graphic design and website development.

Who I Am

In the late 1980s, I started Moon Productions in a dusty desert town in California envisioning a simple desktop publishing service. This vision has since grown to the design of websites and beyond. These days, I am retired and do website work as a hobby.




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