Innovative Web Design and more...

Mission Statement feels strongly about the following goals we have set for ourselves.

❖ Dedication to each client.
❖ To offer innovative solutions to fit each clients needs.
❖ To offer quality, personalized customer service.
❖ Honesty and integrity.

Meeting Our Goals

MoonProductions has developed an innovative six-tier approach to ensure that we can meet these goals in both a timely fashion, as well as to further represent our commitment to our clients.

Tier 1: Discovery

The objective of discovery is to reach high-level agreement on the goal of the project and its priorities and timeline. During this phase, time is spent gathering the requirements and building a shared vision between the client and

Tier 2: Planning

The objective of planning is to reach consensus on a detailed project goal, timeline and estimation of costs, incorporating both documentation of the requirements and conceptual design. During this phase, it is determined whether the client has established or will establish, the live server, or if MoonProductions will assist in this task. The client must sign off at this point before futher work proceeds.

Tier 3: Design

The objective of design is exploration of creative solutions to build the website the client has envisioned. At this point, the final determination of the establishment of the live server must be made, and the client must approve and sign off before further work proceeds.

Tier 4: Production

The production stage is the implentation of technology and its objective is building the project as defined during the planning stage. During this crucial point in the project, the design is implemented using the tools of web design and tested with content. At this point, the establishment of the live server must be made, and the "beta" site must be approved and signed off by the client before any further work proceeds.

Tier 5: Implementation

In the implentation stage, we move the developed site to a live server, either one the client has already set up, or one that we set up for you.

Tier 6: Support

MoonProductions understands that the longer the useful life of a website after its initial set-up, the more our clients will appreciate a developmental company that offers follow-up services. Most companies do not warranty their website work at all, but MoonProductions provides ninety (90) days coverage after the launch of the site at no cost to our client. We also provide site care at a contracted fee established during the discovery stage.