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* The History of the Rattt

Okay. Well, I've been asked the history of my so often (and no, it has nothing to do with the band RATT), so here you go …

Rattt was once known by another name, but it's been so long, she's forgotten. She and her twin sister, the Lady Desert, once lived happily in a desert oasis. One day, a cruel sorcerer came to their oasis and tried to steal the Lady Desert away. Rattt immediately came to her sister's rescue and suffered at the hands of the evil sorcerer. He condemned her to living the rest of her life as a rodent.

Rattt and the Lady Desert fled their oasis and found safety in the land of the faerie. Rattt gained strength and was bestowed powers by the elven lord Davydd. Not only did he teach her to use her tail as a mighty weapon, he gave her an exquisite blade charged with strong elven magicks.

Rattt, strong and lusting for vengeance, bade her sister farewell, vowing to free herself of this curse and destroying the sorcerer. The sisters haven't seen each other since their parting. Although the Lady Desert has chosen to remain in the land of the faerie, she has been known to venture away in search of her own vengeance. Beware of the Lady Desert should you see her as she's been known to seduce men, then rip their hearts from their chest, leaving behind a bloody trail.

Rattt has wandered over the years on her neverending journey. Sometime during her wanderings, she met a mercenary vampire, by the name of Blade. Their passion was great, perhaps due to their shared bloodlust. Time passed and Rattt's thirst for vengeance grew ever stronger. She said her goodbyes in a note to Blade, leaving him sleeping in his coffin, and slipped away into the night.

Rattt returned to the land of the faerie only to find her sister gone. Through her friend Lord Davydd, she learned of the savage bloodlust in her sister's heart. Rattt has not found her sister and is still searching for her revenge.


That's the "official" story. The real story behind the name? *EG* Only Rattt knows …



"Good fortune and misfortune take effect through perseverance. The way of heaven and earth becomes visible through perseverance. The way of sun and moon become bright through perseverance. All movements under heaven become uniform through perseverance." — I Ching (c. B.C. 1150) *
The star on my pages was a graphic that I made personally in 1994 when I was first learning how to do animations. This star has been a standard on my Rattt Trap pages since their creation in 1994; specifically my newsletter pages, The Back Fence. *