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Rat's Day

It's official!

Okay. Okay. So, it's not a day dedicated toward rats. In actuality, it is RAT-CATCHERS DAY because July 22, 1376, is the date given for the legendary events in Hamlin, Germany. You know, where the Pied Piper came, piped the rats out of town and into the river, then was so pissed when the town council refused to pay him that he piped all the kids out, too. Anyway, since this is the day to remember the Pied Piper, it's also a good day to tip the hat to actual, real-life rat-catchers.

The genus "rattus" refers to those long-tailed, biting rodents that infest most of the world, "civilized" or not. Those who keep the rat population in check probably save us from being revisited by the plague, the dread "Black Death," which was carried in large part by rats.

Of course, there are those that have an affectation for rats. ~grins~ They are actually very clean critters if they are the domestic variety. And they cherish a nice clean cage. Tamed rats are quite intelligent and can be taught to do many simple tricks. They can also be quite affectionate toward their owners.



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