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Tribute to Our Wild Friends

This page is dedicated toward animals. An animal rights supporter, I cannot understand how people can not see the beauty, knowledge and much more that all creatures bring to our world. Yes, even rats. :o) Since I've just started with this page, I hope to very soon, add more and more as a means to enlighten people to certain animals nearing extinction, and such.


The Siberian tiger, also known as the snow tiger, is in danger of becoming extinct due to poachers. These beautiful tigers are protected by the government in Russia. However, because of these tigers' well-known overactive libido, poachers are able to make approximately $25,000 per tiger, and various parts of this animal are used for making aphrodisiacs.

Sleeping Tiger  Tiger
Tiger Family

These tigers shown are currently living in a protected environment in Siberia.


Wolves are most definitely a very powerful and magical creature. The wolf is the basis for many legends from many cultures. Unfortunately, the wolf is also a creature that is often misunderstood. People have viewed this wonderful animal as a creature of evil, who will kill at random with no regard for its savageness. Because of these unfounded beliefs, the wolf has been shot and killed by farmers, ranchers, and, even more ugly, simply for sport.

Baby Wolf
Wolf in Snow  Wolf Mates


Horses to me represent freedom. To sit on the back of one of these beautiful animals, and ride in the wind, not only makes me feel at one with the animal, but is one of life's simplest pleasures. Three of my particular favorite breeds are the Andalusian, the Hanoverian and the Fresian. Please enjoy these pictures of one of my favorite animals!

The Andalusian horses are one of the greatest and most beautiful (well, to me) ancient breeds. Originating in the Iberian Peninsula in the region of Andalusia, the Andalusian horses, named for this province, were well spread in other regions as well. The history of the Andalusian horse can be traced with drawings and other documented evidence kamagra uk. The Romans and Greek valued this breed greatly. The Andalusian Horse was used as a warhorse, which is confirmed by ancient carvings and other sources. In fact, some paintings depicting the Andalusian horse are dated as being 20,000 years old!

Andalusian and Young Andalusian and Young
Andalusians in Field


The Hanoverian horse is a warmblood horse which is bred to excel in the equestrian disciplines of jumping, dressage, eventing and driving. The breed originated in northern Germany in the state of Lower Saxony, the former kingdom of Hannover, where a flourishing horse-breeding industry has existed for 400 years. The State Stud was established at Celle in 1735, and the Hanoverian Studbook was officially begun in 1888. Refining stallions, primarily Thoroughbreds were crossed with domestic mares to improve the quality of horses for cavalry and farming. Through the years the Hanoverian breeding program has adapted to the need for a more athletic riding horse, introducing other breeds as appropriate. The result is the modern Hanoverian horse.

Fresian "Friesland" ("Fryslan" in the Friesian language) is one of the eleven provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, situated in the northwest of Europe. Friesland is an old country. 500 years B.C. Frisians settled along the borders of what is known now as the North Sea. Frisian horsemen served in the Roman Legions, e.g. the Equites Singulares of Emperor Nero (54-68), and in Great Britain near Hadrian's Wall, built in the year 120. The Friesian horse descends from the Equus robustus. During the 16th and 17th centuries, but probably also earlier, Arabian blood was introduced, especially through Andalusian horses from Spain. This has given them the high knee-action, the small head and the craning neck. Because of his temperament the Friesian horse is considered warm blooded. The Friesian horse has been kept free from influence of the English Thoroughbred. During the last two centuries it has been bred pure. Breeding horses and dealing in them was very important for the Frisians. The monks in the many monasteries in Friesland before the reformation did a lot of horsebreeding. Through the centuries the Friesian Government has made many regulations in order to safeguard good breeding.

Fresian in the Snow   Colt


"Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this." — Author Unknown *
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